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  This site was developed to inform members of the Manasota Steel Guitar Club of Florida, the business of the club, meeting dates, places, and events as well as personal notes about members will be displayed here.

 The purpose of the Manasota Steel Guitar Club of Florida, is to provide an opportunity for steel guitar players to meet and exchange ideas and to enjoy the fellowship of other steel pickers.

A great way to exchange musical ideas is to play a tune on the steel guitar.

The Club will provide a place and a band to accompany the steel guitarist.

Please Read
Bring your steel with you,
We like laps, legs, and pedals.

     Be prepared to play a 4 or 5 song concert. You can play less.
You will be given time to play your concert.

     We will have a small back-up band to play with you. We will sing you a song if you want.
     If you bring a singer or pickers, they can work with you and the back-up band will stand down.
     You can play a joint program with a friend, if you like.
It is your time slot. We want you to enjoy yourself.
     If all of the steel pickers finish and we have anytime left, we will have a jam session. We ask local singer to sing and ask the Steelers to return to their steels and back the singers.

The Club will meet once a month. On the 3rd Tuesday of each month. No meeting in December.

There will be no dues, no fees, no assessments and very few collections

3rd Tuesday of each month
Bradenton, Florida
6:30 pm until 9:30 pm

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