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Head Cheese

1st Flunky

Clyde Wiggins
553 20th St. E.
Bradenton, FL. 34208

Clyde 941-746-1257


Other Head Cheese

2nd Flunky

Skip Ellis
The Main Man

Skip 941-448-6301
Email: surv450@aol.com


Become a Member!

Bring your steel guitar and play and you are a member.
There are no dues, assessments, fees. fines or collections.
If your performance is good, the audience will be fined a generous helping of applause.
Singers, drum bangers, guitar pickers, fiddlers and other forms of musical expression are all welcome.
If you are a good listener, you are in.
We want you and it's all free.

Come play, or listen, or enjoy yourself and you are a member.

3rd Tuesday of each month
Bradenton, Florida
6:30 pm until 9:30 pm
No meeting in Dec.






Web Master                                     
Danny Hammers
If you have played at the
Manasota Steel Guitar Club
and have a picture send it to me with your
 Name or Names and Town and State and
Date if possible
Or:     352-860-0155
     I will be working throughout the upcoming year on expanding the Web Site and making it more useful and informative.
Please feel free to contact Tom, Clyde, or myself with your ideas, comments, and suggestions and yes even criticism for the Manasota Steel Guitar Club .com Website so that we can all work together to move the Manasota Club forward

Please visit the web site often to see updates

As Webmaster for the Club, I have some basic goals & responsibilities: To accomplish these goals, I will need the assistance of all of the members, and I thank you in advance for your help.

Danny Hammers




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