Steel Pickers


  This page is called
"Steel Pickers"

it is dedicated
all the people that have
 performed at our jams

The Steel Guitar players,
 The Band Performers,
All the wonderful Singers.

And to all the fine Fans
which make it so much fun.




Tom Murphy    t  passed
Sarasota, FL

Clyde Wiggins
Bradenton, FL

Jack Dougherty

Roy  t  passed and Laurie Ayres   Riverview, FL
Click Listen to Roy's Hand Click

Our Own
Roy Ayres
2007 Steel Guitar Hall of Fame  << Click

Roy's Web Site
  Clyde, What did you do at the convention

Clyde, What did you do at the convention

Clyde, What did you do at the convention

Clyde, What did you do at the convention
George Basley
Holiday FL

Mildred Hawkins  Chief Roadie
Hi Blake

Willis "Bud" Vanderberg
Bradenton, FL

Blake Hawkins               1 2
Land O Lakes, FL         1 2 3 4


Nick Reed
Bowling Green, KY

Frank Shaffer
Inverness, FL
Larry Danley
Winter Haven, FL

Is that D-Dog or G-George
I'm not sure,  play sumthin !
or ask the Drummer
Tom Chaffin
Palmetto, FL

Lou Rochelle
Grand Island, FL
Lee Holloway   t  passed           Bob Rees
       Bushnell, FL       Beverly Hills, FL

Don Irwin
Lakeland, FL
John King
Zephyrhills, FL

Sing it Bud
Dan Whitaker    t  passed May 12 2008

Ernie Cawby    t  passed
Lake City, FL
Ray Dugai  our videographer
A special thanks goes to
Ray Dugai.
He has supported Tom and I
since the beginning. He not only video-tapes the show, he almost single-handedly loads all of our equipment at the conclusion
 of the meeting!

                          Clyde Wiggins

Tom Murphy t  passed
Sarasota, FL

Archie Ward  t  passed
Bradenton, FL
Phil Bender  t  passed
Palmetto, FL

Billy Ray
Withaaalwassseeee, FL
How in the world do you spell that
Chuck Parish    
t  passed             Shirley Parish   t  passed
Ruskin FL
Randy Roe
Citra, FL

Archie Ward  t  passed
Bradenton, FL
Geno Flori
Ruskin, FL

Rita & Joe Flori
Ruskin, FL
Gordon Perry   t  passed
Bradenton, FL

Doris Perry
Bradenton, FL
Blake! What are you doing - No Bar
                                                     Hi Mildred

Richard Culbreath
Cortez, FL
John King  -   Bud Vanderberg  -  Tom Chaffin  -  Tom Murphy
James Marlow
Lakeland, FL

Max Stuckey  t  passed
Eddy Thomas  down from Macon GA

Clayton & Pat Lyon
From Michigan
Don Fulmer
Virginia and Florida

Ivan Reddington
Lakeland, FL

Don Fulmer     and     Carol Hiddy

Jack Dougherty
Spring Hill, FL

  "Filling in the shoes of our former videographer, Ray Dugai, 
is Charles Hulen.
 Charles, like Ray, helps us load all the equipment.  Thanks Charles!   

                          Clyde Wiggins 

Brian Ostrom
from Canada

Larry Bell
Englewood, FL

Richard Meyers
St. Petersburg, FL

Skip Ellis
Bradenton, FL
Jack Stoner
Inverness, FL

Don Sulesky
Hernando, FL
Larry Lorows
Zephyrhills, FL

Fred Knight
Sarasota, FL  WA4I
Steve Cutler

Bernie Waldon    t  passed
Brooksville, FL


Norm & Mary Ashley   Canada

We see you Clyde

Frank Brandenburg 
Pat Wood   Sarasota FL

Skip Ellis   Bradenton FL


  Newest Member

Floral City, FL
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